Beyond This Point

The Godfather of Dutch Graphic Design

Karel Martens

EP XIX — Graphic designer, educator, and artist Karel Martens shares why inquiry and investigation are so important to the creative process, how he has balanced five decades of independent and client work, and why he considers the color green to be a small miracle.

Pushing Boundaries

Archie Boston

EP XVIII — Seminal graphic designer Archie Boston discusses his provocative posters from the 60's and 70's, the designer's role as activist, and his recent work for the Black Lives Matter movement.

West Coast Modernist

Eric Trine

EP XVII — California-based object designer and artist Eric Trine discusses the evolution of the color pink, being part of the West Coast design movement, and incorporating play into his work and his brand.

Do Everything and Do It Well


EP XVI — Ted Vadakan and Angie Myung, founders of the LA-based art and design brand, design retailer and community space, Poketo, discuss how they got their start, their mission of making art accessible for everyone, and their positions as both business leaders and creatives.

Making Room for Artists

Adria Garcia & Davora Lindner

EP XV — Artists, designers, activists and entrepreneurs, Adria Garcia and Davora Lindner, sit down for a conversation on fusing art and style into the everyday, staying true to your ethics as a business-owner, and how supporting the creative community can be a natural extension of business.

Turning Words Into Objects, Part II

Experimental Jetset

EP XIV — Amsterdam-based graphic design firm Experimental Jetset discusses how they landed the Whitney Museum rebrand, the differences between European and American design influences, why they chose so many years ago to use only sans serif typefaces, and what the visual language of the modernists is.

Turning Words Into Objects, Part I

Experimental Jetset

EP XIII — Experimental Jetset, one of the most influential and respected design firms in the world, discusses their new book “Statement and Counter-Statement”, how their design practice uniquely operates like something they call Total Football, how they designed their iconic "John & Paul & Ringo & George" t-shirt and who they design for when they design.

Strategic Interruptions

Robert Vazquez-Pacheco of Gran Fury

EP XII — Robert Vazquez-Pacheco, a member of Gran Fury, the activist arts collective that created protest graphics in the 80's and 90's to raise awareness for the AIDS epidemic, discusses the importance of clarity in Gran Fury's messaging, their use of controversial guerrilla tactics that forced people to engage in their work, how they played the art world to fund their public works, and turning anger, fear, and grief into action.

Style and Substance

Max Dautresme of Substance

EP XI — Max Dautresme, founder of Substance, a multi-disciplinary design studio in Hong Kong, Paris and Stockholm, discusses how he stays true to the craft of design while working with major clients and how he finds inspiration in the downtime.

Size, Scale and Space

Katarina Ivarsson of Boris Design Studios

EP IX — Katarina Ivarsson, DFA award-winning industrial designer and co-founder of Boris Design Studios, shares her strategies as an agent for sustainable change and her process for designing for place and environment.

The Art of Design

Paula Scher & April Greiman

EP VIII — Paula Scher and April Greiman, two graphic design legends, sit down to discuss the blurring lines between art and design, the many forms inspiration can take, and what the ultimate purpose of design is.

Analog Clouds

Maria Sebregondi of Moleskine

EP VII — Maria Sebregondi, co-founder of Moleskine, inverts the Less is More philosophy, shares what she means when she talks about the analog cloud, and gives some sage advice to the contemporary nomad.

Risk / Opportunity

Kristian Koreman of ZUS

EP X — Kristian Koreman, founding principal of ZUS, an award-winning Dutch firm working in the fields of architecture, urbanism and landscape design, discusses the designer’s responsibility in shaping urban politics and how economic constraints can be turned into possibilities.

Building A Better World

Paloma Strelitz & Lewis Jones of Assemble

EP VI — Paloma Strelitz & Lewis Jones, two founders of Assemble, the London-based collective working across the fields of art, architecture and design and recent winners of the Turner Prize, share their inspiring take on the role of architecture and design in our communities.

The Designed Life

Ayse Birsel & Cameron Campbell

EP V — Product designer and author Ayse Birsel talks with design strategist and trend forecaster Cameron Campbell about what goes into a designed life and how we can apply design thinking to our everyday lives.


Lance Wyman & Sean Wolcott

EP III — Graphic design legend Lance Wyman talks with user interface designer and creative director Sean Wolcott about wayfinding graphics.

Print Matters

Adrian Shaughnessy & Peter Miller

EP II — Publisher and author Adrian Shaughnessy talks with bookseller and author Peter Miller about the new era of print.

Art vs. Commerce

Maria Bianco & Kate Wallich

EP IV — Artist agent and business owner Maria Bianco talks with choreographer and director Kate Wallich about finding the balance between art and commerce.

Material World

Fruitsuper & Olderbrother

EP I — Product designers Sallyann Corn and Joe Kent of Fruitsuper Design talk with slow fashion designers Bobby Bonaparte and Max Kingery of Olderbrother about materiality.

Beyond This Point is a series of conversations engaging the creative thinkers who inspire us.

Each episode, Gabriel Stromberg, Creative Director of Civilization, sits down with artists, business owners, designers, and leaders of all types to put a spotlight on different ways of seeing, thinking, and making.

Beyond This Point is produced by Civilization, a Design Practice that develops brands and experiences that are ethical and impactful.